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Prayer Requests

Please pray for me May God breathe on my finances and work opportunities
I pray to move into my new home so we won't be homeless. Please pray fro increase in my finances and job opportunities to flourish to be abundance May God bless my Ladder days better then my former days
May God Blind every evil monitoring spirits or any blocks over our lives and provide protection and guidance for me and my children
in the mighty name of Jesus. I pray thank you for taking my prayer request.
- Christina Brown

Prayer Request please pray may God bring the right Love in my life who Loves the Lord and loves me to marry in holy Matromony under the love and blessings by God. Please pray may God breathe in the direction of my relationships May God bring the right people in my life. O have been alone for over 8 years and it really hurts my feelings to continue like this. May God please comfort me and bring the right people in my life. Amen 🙏 thank you.
- Christina Brown

Prayer Request please pray may God bring the right Love in my life who Loves the Lord and loves me to marry in holy Matromony under the love and blessings by God. Please pray may God breathe in the direction of my relationships May God bring the right people in my life. O have been alone for over 8 years and it really hurts my feelings to continue like this. May God please comfort me and bring the right people in my life. Amen 🙏 thank you.
- Christina Brown

I had paid for this but was not able to watch it on the internet, could not get a link and my email is , phone number is 832-512-0216.
Do you have a replay I can watch. I will highly appreciate it. I love your movies eg overcomer etc.
Josephine Ozougwu
- Josephine Ozougwu

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I pray that I can study under Dr . Tony Evans and God will help me with my finances.
- Yvette

My name is Br.Martin Jose Barreiro, I am a Lawyer and I pratices here in Madrid Spain. I have previously sent you an email regarding a transaction of US$13.5 Million left behind by my late client before his tragic death.
However I am reaching out to you once again because after going through your profile, I strongly believe that you will be in a better position to execute this business transaction with me.
I suggest after the transaction, we donate 5% of the money to charity organizations while the remaining 95% is shared equally between us.
If you are interested to proceed with me, kindly respond to me via this email for more detail.
This transaction is 100% risk free and I look forward to your response.
Yours sincerely
Martin Jose Barreiro,,
Phone: +34 661 220 756
- Martin Jose Barreiro

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- JosephTiz

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- Maria Cooney

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I too deeply understand walking the road of Stage 4 cancer; I am battling metastatic breast cancer which has moved to my bones. I thank you for this book, which reminds me that He’s got this, and ask for prayers for His healing.
- Dee Beiter

Kidneys are at 20 percent, the doctor says. My faith says ; Jackie’s kidneys will start functioning again like God intended!!! The Prayer of Faith James 3, if there be any sick among us . Amen
- Jackie Adderton

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An insightful biblical and conversational response from Dr. Tony Evans and his four children - Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans - on how God uses the hard things of this life to draw us into a deeper faith in Him.

Divine Disruption explores the many hardships we experience in life and how God breaks through with the power of hope. In the book, Dr. Tony Evans and his four children - Chrystal Evans Hurst, Priscilla Shirer, Anthony Evans, and Jonathan Evans - discuss their faith-shaking experiences: from the deep grief of losing six loved ones in less than two years' time, with the most devastating blow being the death of Lois Evans, the matriarch of the family, to a deep dive into dealing with the various hard, unexpected things we all face. Life throws many curves - whether the loss of a job or health due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic, or marriage and relationship issues, problems with children, even the recent racial and political unrest.

The authors step together into a unique Kingdom Legacy partnership, opening themselves to the honest questions, raw emotions, and solutions they learned to cling to amid their various struggles as they honor their mother’s wish to work together. Through their bond and individual strengths, they demonstrate how even the most devastating tragedies can bring glory to God as He continues to meet their needs and build their faith.

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